Stop/Run opening night recordings

Stop/Run opening by Stop/Run

Here are the recordings of pieces by Amanda Feery, Shane McKenna, Eoin Smith, Laura Hyland, Niamh de Barra, Brian Conniffe and Ian McDonnell. Enjoy!

Stop/Run jam with Ed Devane, Paul Rowan, Dennis Cassidy, Regan O'Brien and Keith Lindsay

Stop Run- jam with Ed, Paul, Regan, Keith, Dennis 17-12-10 by Stop/Run

This recording was made the day before I took down the Stop/Run exhibition. After days of half-heatedly trying to wire up an Arduino board to drive the solenoids in my bar instruments, and generally being exhausted from the work involved in getting the show together, just before this recording was made I finally had energy to set it up to play some music. That was of course the point in making the instruments!

It was good craic playing with Dennis Cassidy (percussionist extraordinaire), Paul Rowan (a.k.a. Bluefood, who did some remixes of the opening night recordings which I will post up soon), free vocalist Regan O'Brien and Severed Head gallery co-curator and sound designer Keith Lindsay. Each player moved from between instruments as they saw fit; I vacillated between playing instruments and working the mixer (which by now is really my main instrument).

Stop/Run videos

Pre-show practice of Niamh de Barra's conmposition. Featuring Amanda Feery (tubes), Shane McKenna (holding the mic where and when needed for Niamh to record a loop into Ableton) and Fionn Wallace (middle stringed instrument, percussion).

Brian Conniffe performs his piece at the opening of Stop/Run. Brian's piece features a recording of Simon Morris and "also incorporated is a treatment of material from coil cso 16, used in accordance with the creative commons license of that release".

Ian McDonnell noises it up at the opening

Stop/Run: Ian McDonnell, opening performance from Ed Devane on Vimeo.

Pre-show practice and soldering...

Stop/Run set up / practise from Ed Devane on Vimeo.

Stop/Run photos

This post will be followed by video and audio posts very soon. For now check out these photos taken by Aoife de Burca of my Stop/Run instrument ensemble.

Room Full of Empty People EP

Ed Devane - Squib by takeover recordings
Ed Devane - 2Cme by takeover recordings

Here's a couple of tracks of my forthcoming 4 track EP on Takeover Recordings, displaying two opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of how the result is achieved. Squib is a live recording essentially: the "white hot" version of my Squib series (a squib being an explosive device). The Squib project / way of playing / sample set has gone through a few different versions, and here's a couple of them. This is the first version I recorded:

Squib (first version) by Ed Devane

The drum sounds are all derived from putting a bass drum sample I'd made previously through the image-audio-image process and editing the result. The sounds that result are gritty and biting. By using a crossfader to cut between versions of a sequence I can create a lot of variation while keeping within the groove. This one is from my Molten Membrane launch liveset, which favours a more zigzagged hip hop sound (you can hear the techno tendency creeping in towards the end though):

Squib live version by Ed Devane

2C-me started life as a stripped-back banger made for an A4 Sounds gig in a skate park in Belfast. The intention was, and usually is, to give the audience the fear: to make them think the walls were melting and that they would wear a hole in the actually works sometimes if the conditions are right...

2C-me (live version 26-05-09) by Ed Devane

The title "Room Full of Empty People" comes from a mini-rave some friends put on to celebrate a couple of birthdays, in a remote part of Waterford. Floodlights cast shadows of giants dancing in the rain; I was nearly deafened by my own music on my own soundsystem thanks to some ill-advised multiband compression on the master channel, and the title was uttered by me late in the night to someone. I meant to say the room (in actual fact a tent) was empty even though music blared from it, but got it wrong. The phrase stuck though, and is an apt one for this release....

Ed Devane presents Stop/Run

Stop/Run, 11-18 December 2010, Severed Head

Stop/Run is a show that will combine a number of interests of mine. Before explaining any of them let me first say that I am no expert (at anything)- I'm making efforts to learn as much as I can so that maybe one day I will be pretty good at a few things! Back to these interests, which deserve a short paragraph each:

1. Sound Design

First and foremost, this project is about sound - as a physical thing created as a result of various laws of physics in action, energy vibrating through substrates, be they strings, metal tubes, or air. This project requires me to make several types of instrument that I will then give to the composers to make pieces of music with. Here are a couple of videos I have made demonstrating how two of those will work:

String feedback prototype from Ed Devane on Vimeo.

Wind instrument prototype from Ed Devane on Vimeo.

2. Making things with my brain and hands

First the idea, then the action - I love following an idea through various permutations in my head before trying it out in real life. I'm in a good position to do this at the moment - since making my first zither a couple of years ago, I have steadily been buying hand and power tools. I set up my first workshop in a building without electricity or running water in December last year (the coldest one in living memory or something?), realised after a few days that the cost of running a generator outweighed any benefits and packed it in. Around the same time Lisa Crowne (mainly) and A4 Sounds were talking about renting a building to use as an art studio, so I joined forces with them. Eventually we found the perfect place in Harold's Cross, where I now have access to an ever-improving workshop, desk space to design at, and sound studio to record in.

So it's only really now that I'm able to do this project...

3. Physics / electronics

I'm learning a lot about the physics of sound by making various instrument types, and am thinking logically about how to implement electronics in the project. The plan is to utilise Arduino microcontrollers to control motors, electromagnets and solenoids via computer (most likely Max/MSP or Max for Live). Donal Holland of A4 Sounds is going to help me with that, as I haven't used Arduino before, but am keen to learn!

4. Curation

The Severed Head gallery contacted me / us at Second Square to None to put something on a few months ago. This is more of a solo show than an SSTN show, but a lot of the composers I've invited to compose pieces using the instruments have contributed to SSTN is some way in the past. I chose these composers because they all have open minds, and a fairly diverse range of experience.

In alphabetic order, here's a short biog of each:

Brian Conniffe

Brian Conniffe is a cross-genre, experimental musician who has worked with a long list of collaborators including Nurse With Wound, Suzanne Walsh and United Bible Studies. His work directly states inspiration from such non-musical sources as hypnosis, linguistics and ritual magick, making for a style which fuses the darkest psychedelia with disquieting ambience.

Niamh de Barra

Niamh de Barra is a Dublin-based composer and musician. She works primarily with cello, voice and electronics. As a solo artist, she recently released her debut EP, "Cusp" on the Second Square to None label.

Amanda Feery

Amanda Feery is a musicmaker based in Dublin, working with acoustic and electronic music.Her work has been performed both nationally and internationally in the U.K, U.S, and the Netherlands by groups such as Ensemble ICC, Crash Ensemble, RIAM Percussion Ensemble, Dublin Guitar Quartet, and Orkest de Ereprijs. She was recently selected for a composer residency at the Bang on a Can Summer Festival, at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. She is represented by the Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland.

Laura Hyland

Laura Hyland is a performer-composer. In 2008 she founded the quartet, Clang Sayne to explore the boundary between song and improvisation. Under her direction, the group released their debut album, 'Winterlands' in 2009 to notable critical acclaim. She is currently developing a choral section for the group with fellow composer/singer, Judith Ring, and singer, Laura Murphy. They will make their debut performance as a sextet at Café Oto in London this November.

Ian McDonnell

Ian McDonnell is a Dublin based composer, producer and DJ. He releases music as Eomac, as Lakker with Dara Smith and he helps run the !Kaboogie label and clubnight. He is also an active member of Bottlenote Music, Spatial Music Collective and the Irish Composers Collective. Currently he is studying towards a PhD in composition with Donnacha Dennehy.

Shane McKenna

Shane McKenna (has to send me his biog, so I'll write this for now) - Shane is a more than capable musician, but chooses not to make his own music in a standard fashion. Instead he creates animated graphic scores which are projected on a screen. He then invites musicians from all sort of backrounds and abilities to interpret the shapes, colours and durations in his visual composition. The instruments are being designed with the form types and colours consistent with Shane's scores. As I build them Shane will design a score specifically for the show.

Eoin Smith

Eoin also has to send me a biog but his backround is in producing dancefloor beats under the Taper Jinx alias, and more recently in experimental turntablism. Eoin invited me to play an electro-acoustic piece in Maynooth College recently, where he is conducting a research PhD. As far as I know he intends on sampling the instruments and creating a bank of sounds to perform through his turntable technique.

Which brings me to...

5. Creative use of limitations

I intend on presenting to the composers a wide range of sound making instruments and ways to control them - direct "playing", automatic control, process points etc., but what is most interesting about giving a group of creative individuals the same brief is how each interprets it. This is something I explored before through the Second Square to None Ten Second Rule last year, where the only restrictions were that an audio file be original, exactly 10 seconds long, and in wav or aif file formats. This project is more complex than that, but comes from the same part of my brain as a way of tying together disparate (and similar) ideologies, approaches and styles.

The instruments will be capable of making sounds, but how the composer uses them is entirely up to them (although I would ask that destructive means are not used - I have not asked for or expect any financial help to make these instruments, and suffice to say on my limited means the parts I've bought have not come cheap!).

6. Visual form / 3-D / Multi-direction audio

As well as make sound these instruments will take a physical form derived in part from the function (strings and pipes = straight lines, speaker cones and soundholes = circles etc.), from space constrictions in the gallery, and aesthetic choice. The colours as mentioned before will be in part based on Shane McKenna's use of the primaries, though I haven't gotten that far yet!

I have long thought of audio in 3-D, visual terms: this show will display some of those ideas, but it's something I will come back to in more depth in future. I will have sound makers placed around the room so how you hear the pieces will vary from where you are standing/ sitting/ walking.


So there you have a summary of what I'm working at mainly now. I have an ep coming out on Takeover Records in December, am playing gigs with Meljoann and jamming with Fionn Wallace, Laura Hyland and Amanda Feery (FYED, or possibly AMFYEDLA...Amla-Fyed for an Arabic twist?) in the coming weeks and months.

Kaboogie: Rapidfirebuzzer EP

Yes yes and yes, it's finally here: the third !kaboogie 12" hits the shops today and sounds a bit like this:

KBG003 Rapidfirebuzzer EP by kaboogiemusic

The record features tracks by Mad EP, Sarsparilla, The Banker and myself. My track, "Playtime", had a difficult birth: its conception in May 2009 as the lovechild of an aging Powerbook and an overly demanding version of Ableton Live led to complications in the writing procedure.

Over 10 operations later left Playtime a withered mess. Attempts to inject some life into it through high-tech mastering techniques failed. Thankfully the record was delayed due to a number of reasons beyond my control, giving me time to put the track under the knife again, which involved a tricky Logic -> Live transplant. The high risk involved in this paid off I think, and having played this baby out at a fair few gigs, it gets people hyper. Which would make its parents proud...

Liveset summer 2010

I've just uploaded a recording of my most current live-set, more or less the same set I played at Rathlin last month and on Saturday last for Test @ Twisted Pepper supporting Anodyne. I've made this set with dancefloor satisfaction in mind...

Ed Devane @ Test 18-09-10 by Ed Devane

1. Ed Devane - Stony-faced / Cataclysmic
2. Ed Devane - BYM version
3. Ed Devane - Tua
4. Ed Devane - Technoblient version
5. T-Polar - War Stories for Boys (Ed Devane remix)(War Stories Remixes - Takeover Recordings)
6. Ed Devane - Squib (dry) (feat. vox from Amanda Feery + Regan O'Brien "From the Moment You Arrive")
7. Ed Devane - Frozen Backpackers (Trapdoor Material Part 2 v/a/ EP - Mantrap Records 005)
8. Ed Devane - Playtime (Rapidfirebuzzer v/a EP - !kaboogie KBG003)
9. Ed Devane - Melted Membrane (remix of Molten Membrane album, forthcoming Mantrap)
10. Ed Devane - Lissajous Inversion
11. Ed Devane - Money for Beer? (Over the Counter-Culture v/a EP, Spacebar Sentiments SBS002)
12. Ed Devane - Chalktown Bounce Collision (Room Full of Empty People EP, forthcoming Takeover)
13. Ed Devane - (why worry about something that doesn't exist?)Future (Room Full of Empty People EP, forthcoming Takeover)
14. Ed Devane - 2C-me (Room Full of Empty People EP, forthcoming Takeover)
15. Ed Devane - Stand Clear (personal space mix)
16. Anodyne - Haze (Ed Devane remix)

Shouts to Test for being proper promoters: the guestlist places, free beer and fee were much appreciated! Other promoters take note, this is how you keep musicians happy.

Promoters - I am available to play gigs if you are willing to pay me for them. Otherwise I can't justify the time it takes to prepare for them, nor can I afford getting to and from venues with my gear / hanging around / buying beer for want of anything better to do. I've played a lot of gigs this year, and these expenses ,while small, do add up.

DYAD installation in Pallas Studios, Smithfield, 2-4 September

A while back multidisciplinary artist Dáinne Nic Aoidh got in touch with me about collaborating on an installation. It opens tomorrow in Pallas Contemporary Projects, Smithfield. I've rigged small electronic audio circuits to 2 moving pieces and prepared some bass feedback and zither tones to complement the installation. I'll have video of the results in a couple of days which will give you a better idea of what it is I am talking about...

Gig in Twisted Pepper 18-09-10

Saturday night in Twisted Pepper...nice line-up, with myself, Anodyne and Redmonk in the ground floor live room, Redshape and Barry Redsettaz downstairs. I'm going to be be playing a fairly wonked up techno set for this one...more details about the other acts playing can be found here.


Two gigs coming up in the next few weeks: on the 24th July at this:

SSTN associates A4 Sounds are putting on a fundraiser gig in The Cavern (The Good Bits, 1 Store St., Dublin 1) on Saturday 24th July. The art group have been asked to fill an empty shop unit in Tuam Shopping Center, Tuam, Co. Galway as part of the Earwig! Tuam Arts Festival in August. Being an artist-run collective, and being that most of the members are forever broke, they are exchanging techno for cash!

Proceeds will go towards making the show something to remember for all at the festival, and the line up promises to deliver heavy and in places off-kilter styles of the people's number one* party music: techno!

I'm working on a more techno-based liveset that should do the job of making people jump around and spill beer all over themselves.

As well as that I was asked to play at the Jigs 'n' Rigs festival on Rathlin Island , which definitely calls for minimal noodling and maximal groove! I might also be playing an ambient/noise set before things get going again one of the days, but we'll see how it goes.

Immediately after that I'll be working with visualist Kavi on an audio-visual project involving a lot of messing around with Open Sound Control, Flash and Max for Live, and immediately after that I'll be off to Tuam to play a gig and be around to help out at the A4 Corp opening. Busy few weeks ahead in other words!

Mantis Radio set available for download

My set from a couple of weeks ago on can be downloaded or stream from here:


Ed Devane - Arcane (Molten Membrane, Mantrap Records 2010)
Ed Devane - Arcane (Anodyne Remix V. 1- forthcoming Mantrap)
CED- CED Jam #1 (CED=collaboration with Kachanski and Dubreak)
Convolutions # 1 (made for the !kaboogie mash series )

Ed Devane - Predicament (Antimode v/a EP, Stasis Records)
FYED - Fyed Jam excerpt
Ed Devane - Depth Dub mash
Ed Devane - BYM version
Ed Devane - Brain Your Melt (Feat. Scurvy Lass)(Molten Membrane)
Ed Devane - Life and Soul (forthcoming Room Full of Empty People EP, Takeover Recordings)/ Winter Party vocal (Niamh de Barra)
Ed Devane - Pseudo Occident mash
Ed Devane - Plinktronics (unreleased 2002)
Ed Devane - First Date (feat Scurvy Lass) (Molten Membrane)
JMT vs. Ed -Whistle
Ed Devane - Madrugando (feat Susana Peralta) / Frozen Backpackers techno version
Ed Devane -Doomtime (feat Scurvy Lass)(Molten Membrane)
Ed Devane -Playtime (forthcoming "Rapid Fire Buzzer" v/a ep, !kaboogie)
CER jam vs. Ed #1 (edit of jam with Kachanski and Rory St. John)
Ed Devane - Future (space version)(forthcoming in some form on RFoEP EP, Takeover)
CER jam vs. Ed #2 (edit of jam with Kachanski and Rory St. John)
T-Polar - War Stories For Boys (Ed Devane remix)(War Stories Remixes, Takeover Recordings)
Anodyne - Haze (Ed Devane remix)(forthcoming Anodyne - Corrosion remixes, Psychonavigation Records)

See the sound, hear the image

These are some of the results of a couple of days work with audio-image conversion, editing, reassembling, and reconverting. Where there is a Soundcloud player the image above is what made the sound, or vice versa. I'm working on a way to make pictures that will make "nicer" sounds than these examples, which are pretty hard going. Still though, I'm now in possession of over 3 hour's worth of new audio which will become the basis for more sound design.

More things like this coming soon...

Composition8 by Ed Devane

Splice3 by Ed Devane

Lines7l by Ed Devane

Lines5 by Ed Devane

Lines4 by Ed Devane

Gradients Cut2 by Ed Devane

Denmark japan 2 by Ed Devane

Composition11a by Ed Devane

Composition3 by Ed Devane

Composition2-b by Ed Devane

Composition9 by Ed Devane

Improvised noise over Denmark vs. Japan and Chile vs. Spain

Amanda Feery and Fyed. pt 1. by FYED
Amanda Feery and Fyed. pt 2 by FYED

Amanda Feery, Ed Devane, Fyodor, Gavin Prior, Niamh De Barra. pt 1 by fyodor

Amanda Feery, Ed Devane, Fyodor, Gavin Prior, Niamh De Barra. pt 2 by fyodor

Amanda Feery, Ed Devane, Fyodor, Gavin Prior, Niamh De Barra. Pt 3 by fyodor

We got the chance to make loads of noise over a couple of World Cup games in The Shed art space in Dublin last week. Here's the second match, where myself, Fionn, Amanda Feery, Niamh de Barra and Gavin Prior were using an assortment of noise making devices. I had made a couple of vuvuzela inspired instruments out of uileann pipe double reeds, plastic pipe and oil funnels, and used 2 box zithers and feedback processes. Niamh was on cello, Amanda on harmonium and clarinet, Gavin on amplified cutlery stands, melodica and feedback, and Fionn used his fancy new mixer, a deck, drum machine, and a load of pedals.

Nobody came the first day except for Niamh and Shane McKenna (whose graphic score we played on Monday), and the next day wasn't much better. It was a lot of fun though, a nice space, plenty of room and with the FYED soundsystem everything was sounding good (and delicious vegan food afterwards). Audio-visuals all the way...

FYED jam 12-06-10

World Cup Song # 1 by FYED

Something we recorded over the weekend, starts of sparse develops into a sharp noisescape and sounds pretty cool I think!

Welfare Clinic DJ/ Live set 2-06-10

Ed-devane-welfare-clinic by Ed Devane

This is my set from last week's Welfare Clinic show hosted by DJ Welfare on Radio Na Life. I used a lot of tunes from the archives, making Frankenstein-like mashes from re-purposed basslines or breaks taken from abandoned or obsolete tunes. I have a lot of live jams and unreleased tangents of tunes from over the last couple of years especially, some of which are put to use here.

This mix featured the vocal talents of (in order of appearance) Madja Ratkje (yoink), Laura Sheeran, Niamh de Barra, Susana Peralta, Amanda Feery, and Regan Davis. Also in there are mashes of John Mary Trilogy recordings and recent jams with Kachanski and Dubreak, and remixes I've done in the last few weeks of Anodyne, T-Polar and Swarm Intelligence, and some new tunes coming up for release on Takeover Recordings and !kaboogie, and maybe SSTN. Hope ye like, as ever I am available to play gigs so get in touch if you want to book me.

boop boop
(2001)/Convolutions # 1 (!kaboogie Mash Series)/ RT (forthcoming SSTN)
Tekmantics (live 2007)/
Native Reserve (live 2008)
Squib (fortcoming SSTN)
Path Intersection (live 2010)
Bears (live 2008)/ Dubcore Maximus (!kaboogie)/Strip Swap (Molten Membrane, Mantrap 2010)
Ku-Ku (2003)

Depth Dub (2004) / Noisome remix version (Kontakte 2007)
Brain Your Melt (live remix 2010)/ Brain Your Melt (Molten Membrane)
Life and Soul (forthcoming Takeover Records) / Winter Party acappella (Niamh de Barra, Cusp EP, forthcoming SSTN)
Giant Bassmantics (Squirm EP, Touchin Bass 2006)/ Weeping Chickens (2001)/ Jam with Susana Benavente (2005)
From the moment you arrive (vocal: Amanda Feery + Regan O'Brien)/ First Date (Molten Membrane)/ Plinktronics (2002)

JMT vs. ED (John Mary Trilogy recordings / reconditioned breaks from the archive / live ambient jams…possibly forthcoming SSTN)
/ Madrugando (feat. Susana Benavente, 2006) / Frozen Backpackers (live techno version 2010) / Stand Clear (live 2010)
Doomtime! (feat Niamh de Barra/Scurvy Lass, Molten Membrane)
GRND Remix (Swarm Intelligence, forthcoming on Stasis Records)
Playtime (forthcoming !kaboogie) / Frozen Backpackers (version x)
Overflux remix (Magnetize, Mantrap 2007)/ Space jams (Dubreak, Kachanski, Ed Devane live ensemble 2010)/ Future (live 2010, forthcoming Takeover)

Space Mash (Spin (2003)/ Spacejams (live) re-edited / Apulse loop (2007))
War Stories remix ( T-Polar, Takeover Records)/ Blomg (feat Scurvy Lass, 2004) / space noises
Haze remix (Anodyne, forthcoming TBC)
2C-me (Room Full of Empty People, Takeover)

Some music I've been doing recently...

Withering Zithering - Idle-ising by Ed Devane

A little jam with my zither, a malfunctioning phrase sampler and some reverb, and a seriously malfunctioning 80's Soundcraft mixing desk I recorded last week while trying to write something for the SSTN String Series. This is me just messing around, but it sounds alright. I'll be making something a lot more layered and "composed" this week under the Withering Zithering moniker, which will probably sound very different to this.

JMT vs. ED by Ed Devane

While working on a mix for DJ Welfare's Welfare Clinic show on Radio Na Life a couple of weeks ago I searched the archives for material I could use / re-use. I have hours and hours of recordings of John Mary Trilogy jams for a couple of years ago which alone will never see the light of day due to the overall quality of the recordings (and music).

That said it's a fertile picking ground for interesting textures, rhythms and noises, and the above is an example of what I could throw together in 20 minutes with the addition of some beats taken from a minute long, abandoned attempt at drum 'n' bass made in 2003. The radio mix should be online in the next few days, link on its way.

Fyed-jam-2a 4-06-10 by FYED

Finally got around to jamming with Fyodor for our FYED noise / electro-acoustic / hearing damage project. I used a little motor-powered air fan bought that day in Maplins, a telephone/ magnetic coil pick-up for input and an effect feedback ensemble in Ableton Live, and he used a turntable, loopers and effects. Plans are afoot for gigs and releases over the summer.

While not in Wexford over the last few weeks (supposedly putting the finishing touches to my next release on Takeover Recordings - "Room Full of Empty People" EP) I had a few jams with Kachanski, Rory St. John, Ronan Dunne and Dubreak in the space we started renting recently. Sound samples coming soon.

More noise

Feed the Sines by Ed Devane

The result of messing around with a new system in Ableton Live, trying to reconcile noise/feedback with rhythm. This is a one-take jam, but some nice sounds in there so I thought I'd share. You will thank me.

"Klatter" video and life update # 7

Klatter - Ed Devane from Dung Foo on Vimeo.

A video made by Paul Bluefood to a track called "Klatter" off my debut CD album Molten Membrane. Cheers Paul!

I've been busy the last few weeks remixing Anodyne, Swarm Intelligence and T-Polar, and am about to start phase 2 of production (i.e. make rough sketchs into a finished tracks) of an EP for Takeover Records, and another for SSTN. Expect fairly heavy dancefloor material for the former and more dubby headphones music for the latter.

Second Square to None

Loads of livesets from Irish producers, a Noise Series, Ten Second Rule and various other bits and bobs. At the moment we're making plans for a couple of one off gigs to launch a label, and have more noise and string music coming soon from a selection of acts based in Ireland. New mixes every Monday, and an exclusive interview and mp3 every Wednesday (approximately) from 'noise' artists.

Withering Zithering

Withering Zithering is a side project of mine which so far consists of nothing more than this page:

The tunes there are various live recordings I've made over the last 2 or 3 years ("Slipstreams" is one I found on my computer today), but soon I'll be putting time aside to make a proper EP of layered zither music. I got an old Guitar Zither recently and am in the process of making / designing several other instruments with strings to compliment my "breakfast tray" zither. This project will focus on harmony and melody in favour of rhythm and noise so might actually be something you'd want to listen to.

I hope to soon be playing gigs as Withering Zithering, if I can fit them in with my busy gig schedule as Ed Devane (sarcasm meant).

March 2010 Liveset, beats for your feet, noise for your brain

Molten Membrane launch liveset by Ed Devane

This is my new liveset, or at least one version of it. As always rough in places, both stylistically and in terms of musicianship. Ahem.

The point of making a liveset is to play it really loud on a big sound gimme gigs!

1. Arcane (Molten Membrane, Mantrap)
2. Paths (possibly forthcoming on Second Square to None / SSTN)
3. Squib (possibly forthcoming on Second Square to None / SSTN)
4. Brain Your Melt (version) (Molten Membrane)
5. Chalktown Bounce Collision (currently homeless)
6. Get My Way (version) (in another form on Molten Membrane)
7. Playtime (forthcoming on !kaboogie)
8. Frozen Backpackers (Trapdoor Material 2, Mantrap)
9. Doomtime (Molten Membrane)
10. Future (forthcoming on Takeover)
11. 2C-me (forthcoming on Takeover)
12. Stand Clear (currently homeless)
13. Brain Your Melt (another version)(Molten Membrane)

Molten Membrane

Finally! My debut album, Molten Membrane, will be available in Dublin from Spindizzy this week. It should be available in other countries from the end of April.

Massive thanks to:
Sunil Sharpe / Mantrap for firstly asking me to make an album, and then releasing it, and for organising the launch gig which took place in Kennedy's on Saturday night.

Niamh de Barra / Scurvy Lass for the typically humourous and catchy vocals

Kev Largey, for the artwork - perfect!

Chris Flynn, for the graphic design / texturing / typography

...and everyone who came to the gig, hope ye like the album!

A recording of my new liveset will be up here soon enough, and yes, I am available to play gigs, so if you're in a position to book me to play, get in touch!

Wrong Music Show set 90210

Wrong Music Radio set 9-02-10 by Ed Devane

Here's some noise soup I brewed up over the past few weeks, arranged in the last few days, and played on Sound Art Radio for The Wrong Music Show hosted by Ebola, Judith Priest and Sorry.

The file they tried playing was corrupt somehow so it was a bit wobbly to begin with on the broadcast, but this is the original recording. The piece has a lot going on in it, so listening on headphones or at high volumes would be advised for best results. Sounds combine, collide, ebb, flow, stutter and distort in a constantly shifting soundscape that will make your mind wander, or else really annoy you!

Thanks to the Wrong radio crew for firstly asking me to do a set for them and secondly playing it on the radio, despite the technical difficulties...

Album launch gig March 6th, Dublin

New bits in preparation for k-club tomorrow 21-01-10

Live Jams with beats by Ed Devane

Some live jams from the last day or two to give anyone who's going to the k-Club tomorrow evening an idea of what's in store...rough and ready, live sampling, repetitive rhythms...on a techno tip!

I've been doing a lot of work on making a live set up in Ableton with controllers the last few weeks, so these live jams will improve the more I practice...