Myself and Fyodor have a project called FYED we've been doing on and off for the last year or so since the dissolution of John Mary Trilogy, the band we were in together.

We'll be playing on Sunday 25th October at Second Square to None, using material made by a large group of people for a project called the Ten Second Rule. So in order to have something for people to listen to I made yet another SoundCloud account.

Ch-ch-ch-check it out: FYED on SoundCloud

Oh yeh, we mainly do soundscape / noise / drone / improvised sort of stuff, but have plans to do different types of music in the coming months and years...

New music up on SoundCloud

Hello, I'm uploading some "new" stuff onto my free SoundCloud account. I have a feeling that will mean that you won't directly be able to hear the previous tracks I had on there but no matter.

Since finishing my album I haven't been making much music, at least not with a computer...I did however buy myself a Sonuus G2M Guitar to MIDI translator, a simple device that allows me to play synths or samplers with my zither. I've been playing the instrument a lot of late, and have made a removable fretboard for it, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities previously unavailable to me.

Currently I'm working on a new instrument, which will be a small electric harp / hammered dulcimer type instrument. I'll post pictures in a few weeks when it's done. Other than that I'm amassing a big pile of materials - metal tubes, bells, wire, mechanical components such as motors, springs, solenoids etc. for use in an as yet unthought of kinetic sound sculpture / sculptures.