Second Square to None

Loads of livesets from Irish producers, a Noise Series, Ten Second Rule and various other bits and bobs. At the moment we're making plans for a couple of one off gigs to launch a label, and have more noise and string music coming soon from a selection of acts based in Ireland. New mixes every Monday, and an exclusive interview and mp3 every Wednesday (approximately) from 'noise' artists.

Withering Zithering

Withering Zithering is a side project of mine which so far consists of nothing more than this page:

The tunes there are various live recordings I've made over the last 2 or 3 years ("Slipstreams" is one I found on my computer today), but soon I'll be putting time aside to make a proper EP of layered zither music. I got an old Guitar Zither recently and am in the process of making / designing several other instruments with strings to compliment my "breakfast tray" zither. This project will focus on harmony and melody in favour of rhythm and noise so might actually be something you'd want to listen to.

I hope to soon be playing gigs as Withering Zithering, if I can fit them in with my busy gig schedule as Ed Devane (sarcasm meant).

March 2010 Liveset, beats for your feet, noise for your brain

Molten Membrane launch liveset by Ed Devane

This is my new liveset, or at least one version of it. As always rough in places, both stylistically and in terms of musicianship. Ahem.

The point of making a liveset is to play it really loud on a big sound gimme gigs!

1. Arcane (Molten Membrane, Mantrap)
2. Paths (possibly forthcoming on Second Square to None / SSTN)
3. Squib (possibly forthcoming on Second Square to None / SSTN)
4. Brain Your Melt (version) (Molten Membrane)
5. Chalktown Bounce Collision (currently homeless)
6. Get My Way (version) (in another form on Molten Membrane)
7. Playtime (forthcoming on !kaboogie)
8. Frozen Backpackers (Trapdoor Material 2, Mantrap)
9. Doomtime (Molten Membrane)
10. Future (forthcoming on Takeover)
11. 2C-me (forthcoming on Takeover)
12. Stand Clear (currently homeless)
13. Brain Your Melt (another version)(Molten Membrane)

Molten Membrane

Finally! My debut album, Molten Membrane, will be available in Dublin from Spindizzy this week. It should be available in other countries from the end of April.

Massive thanks to:
Sunil Sharpe / Mantrap for firstly asking me to make an album, and then releasing it, and for organising the launch gig which took place in Kennedy's on Saturday night.

Niamh de Barra / Scurvy Lass for the typically humourous and catchy vocals

Kev Largey, for the artwork - perfect!

Chris Flynn, for the graphic design / texturing / typography

...and everyone who came to the gig, hope ye like the album!

A recording of my new liveset will be up here soon enough, and yes, I am available to play gigs, so if you're in a position to book me to play, get in touch!