Stop/Run jam with Ed Devane, Paul Rowan, Dennis Cassidy, Regan O'Brien and Keith Lindsay

Stop Run- jam with Ed, Paul, Regan, Keith, Dennis 17-12-10 by Stop/Run

This recording was made the day before I took down the Stop/Run exhibition. After days of half-heatedly trying to wire up an Arduino board to drive the solenoids in my bar instruments, and generally being exhausted from the work involved in getting the show together, just before this recording was made I finally had energy to set it up to play some music. That was of course the point in making the instruments!

It was good craic playing with Dennis Cassidy (percussionist extraordinaire), Paul Rowan (a.k.a. Bluefood, who did some remixes of the opening night recordings which I will post up soon), free vocalist Regan O'Brien and Severed Head gallery co-curator and sound designer Keith Lindsay. Each player moved from between instruments as they saw fit; I vacillated between playing instruments and working the mixer (which by now is really my main instrument).


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