DYAD installation in Pallas Studios, Smithfield, 2-4 September

A while back multidisciplinary artist Dáinne Nic Aoidh got in touch with me about collaborating on an installation. It opens tomorrow in Pallas Contemporary Projects, Smithfield. I've rigged small electronic audio circuits to 2 moving pieces and prepared some bass feedback and zither tones to complement the installation. I'll have video of the results in a couple of days which will give you a better idea of what it is I am talking about...

Gig in Twisted Pepper 18-09-10

Saturday night in Twisted Pepper...nice line-up, with myself, Anodyne and Redmonk in the ground floor live room, Redshape and Barry Redsettaz downstairs. I'm going to be be playing a fairly wonked up techno set for this one...more details about the other acts playing can be found here.