New tune, rough live version

Squib (live damp version) by Ed Devane

I just recorded this now and offer it to the mists of the internet as an example of what my new liveset is going to sound like...

New sound design

Catch by Ed Devane

Caught by Ed Devane

Reat beepeat by Ed Devane

I'm working on a new liveset, making good use of the power my new laptop gives me. I'm using feedback processes and my zither exclusively to make new sounds, and here are some examples. Ableton has slowly but surely overtaken Logic as my main sound design / composition tool, partly out of necessity (all my recent tunes have grown out of live sets made in Live) and partly because of the ease of the whole process.

I'm not saying these are pieces of music as they were made through somewhat random techniques...but I think they sound nice and who knows, maybe you will too. "Catch" and "Caught" are versions of the same sounds, and Reet BeepEat is some layered loops of distortion feedback (which have since become My Best Rave Sound Ever).

For anyone who might be frustrated by all this noise and want to hear some beats, don't worry...I'm working on new tracks and will be playing gigs again from January onwards, so I'll have a new proper liveset up here soon enough!

!kaboogie feature on, mix of my new stuff

Check out this feature on Spannered - a while back I was asked by !kaboogie to make a promo mix of my stuff, so I made a selection of tunes that have either just been released or will be released in the coming months.

Making a liveset is much easier than trying to mix mixdowns of my music together. I'm no DJ and maybe that reflects in a lack of DJ-friendliness in my tunes! So I enlisted Redmonk to do it for me. He did a good job considering the diversity in tempo and vibe of the tracks!

Main !kaboogie article is here, there's a liveset by ForceFed and tracks by 16 Hz and Major Grave as part of the feature.

Stasis Antimode v/a net release freetastic

The first release of the new Stasis Records label, featuring tracks by myself, Euphiophone, Ventolyn & Becotyde, Swarm Intelligence and David Adams.

There's a really nice flow to this compilation, washes of guitar-like ambient noise and electronic beats. I particularly like the Euphiophone and David Adams tracks the best...

Get it here!

My track is a live take of a tune I spent a good bit of time over-producing...the early live version pleased my ears more than the supposedly new and improved version.

FYED article on Analogue

An interview with myself and Fionn, some Second Square to None plugging and impressions on noise, written by Eadaoin O'Sullivan:
Read it here.

I say "like" a lot when I speak it seems!