Financial blackhole statistics make vibrating image

"Our Statistics"

Take a bunch of statistical graphs showing Ireland's move into financial dystrophy, layer them into an image in photoshop, convert the result into an audio file, then open that audio file in a program that shows an FFT frequency domain view, screen grab the result, bring it back to photoshop end up with something quite unexpectedly beautiful. Considering the sound this image represents is white noise without any redeeming qualities I am pleased with how it eventually turned out.

Interview on RTE Lyric FM - Bernard Clarke's NOVA show

I was interviewed by (contemporary music show) NOVA presenter Bernard Clarke in Eason's Cafe on O'Connell St, Dublin early in January. Stop/Run was featured on the show a couple of weeks later, with excerpts from the interview and pieces by Niamh de Barra, Eoin Smith and Brian Conniffe.

The show itself doesn't seem to be archived yet but you can now hear the unedited recording of the interview here, where I em, kinda, eh talk about, em, the...Stop/