Kaboogie: Rapidfirebuzzer EP

Yes yes and yes, it's finally here: the third !kaboogie 12" hits the shops today and sounds a bit like this:

KBG003 Rapidfirebuzzer EP by kaboogiemusic

The record features tracks by Mad EP, Sarsparilla, The Banker and myself. My track, "Playtime", had a difficult birth: its conception in May 2009 as the lovechild of an aging Powerbook and an overly demanding version of Ableton Live led to complications in the writing procedure.

Over 10 operations later left Playtime a withered mess. Attempts to inject some life into it through high-tech mastering techniques failed. Thankfully the record was delayed due to a number of reasons beyond my control, giving me time to put the track under the knife again, which involved a tricky Logic -> Live transplant. The high risk involved in this paid off I think, and having played this baby out at a fair few gigs, it gets people hyper. Which would make its parents proud...

Liveset summer 2010

I've just uploaded a recording of my most current live-set, more or less the same set I played at Rathlin last month and on Saturday last for Test @ Twisted Pepper supporting Anodyne. I've made this set with dancefloor satisfaction in mind...

Ed Devane @ Test 18-09-10 by Ed Devane

1. Ed Devane - Stony-faced / Cataclysmic
2. Ed Devane - BYM version
3. Ed Devane - Tua
4. Ed Devane - Technoblient version
5. T-Polar - War Stories for Boys (Ed Devane remix)(War Stories Remixes - Takeover Recordings)
6. Ed Devane - Squib (dry) (feat. vox from Amanda Feery + Regan O'Brien "From the Moment You Arrive")
7. Ed Devane - Frozen Backpackers (Trapdoor Material Part 2 v/a/ EP - Mantrap Records 005)
8. Ed Devane - Playtime (Rapidfirebuzzer v/a EP - !kaboogie KBG003)
9. Ed Devane - Melted Membrane (remix of Molten Membrane album, forthcoming Mantrap)
10. Ed Devane - Lissajous Inversion
11. Ed Devane - Money for Beer? (Over the Counter-Culture v/a EP, Spacebar Sentiments SBS002)
12. Ed Devane - Chalktown Bounce Collision (Room Full of Empty People EP, forthcoming Takeover)
13. Ed Devane - (why worry about something that doesn't exist?)Future (Room Full of Empty People EP, forthcoming Takeover)
14. Ed Devane - 2C-me (Room Full of Empty People EP, forthcoming Takeover)
15. Ed Devane - Stand Clear (personal space mix)
16. Anodyne - Haze (Ed Devane remix)

Shouts to Test for being proper promoters: the guestlist places, free beer and fee were much appreciated! Other promoters take note, this is how you keep musicians happy.

Promoters - I am available to play gigs if you are willing to pay me for them. Otherwise I can't justify the time it takes to prepare for them, nor can I afford getting to and from venues with my gear / hanging around / buying beer for want of anything better to do. I've played a lot of gigs this year, and these expenses ,while small, do add up.