More noise

Feed the Sines by Ed Devane

The result of messing around with a new system in Ableton Live, trying to reconcile noise/feedback with rhythm. This is a one-take jam, but some nice sounds in there so I thought I'd share. You will thank me.

"Klatter" video and life update # 7

Klatter - Ed Devane from Dung Foo on Vimeo.

A video made by Paul Bluefood to a track called "Klatter" off my debut CD album Molten Membrane. Cheers Paul!

I've been busy the last few weeks remixing Anodyne, Swarm Intelligence and T-Polar, and am about to start phase 2 of production (i.e. make rough sketchs into a finished tracks) of an EP for Takeover Records, and another for SSTN. Expect fairly heavy dancefloor material for the former and more dubby headphones music for the latter.