Two gigs coming up in the next few weeks: on the 24th July at this:

SSTN associates A4 Sounds are putting on a fundraiser gig in The Cavern (The Good Bits, 1 Store St., Dublin 1) on Saturday 24th July. The art group have been asked to fill an empty shop unit in Tuam Shopping Center, Tuam, Co. Galway as part of the Earwig! Tuam Arts Festival in August. Being an artist-run collective, and being that most of the members are forever broke, they are exchanging techno for cash!

Proceeds will go towards making the show something to remember for all at the festival, and the line up promises to deliver heavy and in places off-kilter styles of the people's number one* party music: techno!

I'm working on a more techno-based liveset that should do the job of making people jump around and spill beer all over themselves.

As well as that I was asked to play at the Jigs 'n' Rigs festival on Rathlin Island , which definitely calls for minimal noodling and maximal groove! I might also be playing an ambient/noise set before things get going again one of the days, but we'll see how it goes.

Immediately after that I'll be working with visualist Kavi on an audio-visual project involving a lot of messing around with Open Sound Control, Flash and Max for Live, and immediately after that I'll be off to Tuam to play a gig and be around to help out at the A4 Corp opening. Busy few weeks ahead in other words!

Mantis Radio set available for download

My set from a couple of weeks ago on can be downloaded or stream from here:


Ed Devane - Arcane (Molten Membrane, Mantrap Records 2010)
Ed Devane - Arcane (Anodyne Remix V. 1- forthcoming Mantrap)
CED- CED Jam #1 (CED=collaboration with Kachanski and Dubreak)
Convolutions # 1 (made for the !kaboogie mash series )

Ed Devane - Predicament (Antimode v/a EP, Stasis Records)
FYED - Fyed Jam excerpt
Ed Devane - Depth Dub mash
Ed Devane - BYM version
Ed Devane - Brain Your Melt (Feat. Scurvy Lass)(Molten Membrane)
Ed Devane - Life and Soul (forthcoming Room Full of Empty People EP, Takeover Recordings)/ Winter Party vocal (Niamh de Barra)
Ed Devane - Pseudo Occident mash
Ed Devane - Plinktronics (unreleased 2002)
Ed Devane - First Date (feat Scurvy Lass) (Molten Membrane)
JMT vs. Ed -Whistle
Ed Devane - Madrugando (feat Susana Peralta) / Frozen Backpackers techno version
Ed Devane -Doomtime (feat Scurvy Lass)(Molten Membrane)
Ed Devane -Playtime (forthcoming "Rapid Fire Buzzer" v/a ep, !kaboogie)
CER jam vs. Ed #1 (edit of jam with Kachanski and Rory St. John)
Ed Devane - Future (space version)(forthcoming in some form on RFoEP EP, Takeover)
CER jam vs. Ed #2 (edit of jam with Kachanski and Rory St. John)
T-Polar - War Stories For Boys (Ed Devane remix)(War Stories Remixes, Takeover Recordings)
Anodyne - Haze (Ed Devane remix)(forthcoming Anodyne - Corrosion remixes, Psychonavigation Records)