Thumb piano, bike recyling part 1

A few weeks ago I found a small wooden box for sale in a charity shop, which cost me 50 cent. This week I had to buy a new wheel for my bike so used the spokes from the old one as the tines, a couple of bits of dowel and some nuts and bolts and boom! Thumb piano.

This is a recording of me messing around on it with untrained thumbs...

Spoke Kalimba

FYED "remix" through audio-image conversion

USER0003 copy by FYED

This is not for the fainthearted, but interesting in the same way car crashes are. I've been interested in the idea of messing with digital audio information ever since a CD of some music I burned turned out very wrong indeed, like the 1's had become 0's, turning what was music into wild cacophony. A couple of weeks ago I was looking for a way to visualise the binary that makes up a digital audio file, and found a way of converting audio into an image format that Photoshop could display.

By processing the image in nearly any way, then transcoding the results to audio, I ended up with the most intense noise I have ever created / facilitated...not perhaps the most listenable noise, but interesting how the same information interpreted through another medium and back again can sound like this!