See the sound, hear the image

These are some of the results of a couple of days work with audio-image conversion, editing, reassembling, and reconverting. Where there is a Soundcloud player the image above is what made the sound, or vice versa. I'm working on a way to make pictures that will make "nicer" sounds than these examples, which are pretty hard going. Still though, I'm now in possession of over 3 hour's worth of new audio which will become the basis for more sound design.

More things like this coming soon...

Composition8 by Ed Devane

Splice3 by Ed Devane

Lines7l by Ed Devane

Lines5 by Ed Devane

Lines4 by Ed Devane

Gradients Cut2 by Ed Devane

Denmark japan 2 by Ed Devane

Composition11a by Ed Devane

Composition3 by Ed Devane

Composition2-b by Ed Devane

Composition9 by Ed Devane

Improvised noise over Denmark vs. Japan and Chile vs. Spain

Amanda Feery and Fyed. pt 1. by FYED
Amanda Feery and Fyed. pt 2 by FYED

Amanda Feery, Ed Devane, Fyodor, Gavin Prior, Niamh De Barra. pt 1 by fyodor

Amanda Feery, Ed Devane, Fyodor, Gavin Prior, Niamh De Barra. pt 2 by fyodor

Amanda Feery, Ed Devane, Fyodor, Gavin Prior, Niamh De Barra. Pt 3 by fyodor

We got the chance to make loads of noise over a couple of World Cup games in The Shed art space in Dublin last week. Here's the second match, where myself, Fionn, Amanda Feery, Niamh de Barra and Gavin Prior were using an assortment of noise making devices. I had made a couple of vuvuzela inspired instruments out of uileann pipe double reeds, plastic pipe and oil funnels, and used 2 box zithers and feedback processes. Niamh was on cello, Amanda on harmonium and clarinet, Gavin on amplified cutlery stands, melodica and feedback, and Fionn used his fancy new mixer, a deck, drum machine, and a load of pedals.

Nobody came the first day except for Niamh and Shane McKenna (whose graphic score we played on Monday), and the next day wasn't much better. It was a lot of fun though, a nice space, plenty of room and with the FYED soundsystem everything was sounding good (and delicious vegan food afterwards). Audio-visuals all the way...

FYED jam 12-06-10

World Cup Song # 1 by FYED

Something we recorded over the weekend, starts of sparse develops into a sharp noisescape and sounds pretty cool I think!

Welfare Clinic DJ/ Live set 2-06-10

Ed-devane-welfare-clinic by Ed Devane

This is my set from last week's Welfare Clinic show hosted by DJ Welfare on Radio Na Life. I used a lot of tunes from the archives, making Frankenstein-like mashes from re-purposed basslines or breaks taken from abandoned or obsolete tunes. I have a lot of live jams and unreleased tangents of tunes from over the last couple of years especially, some of which are put to use here.

This mix featured the vocal talents of (in order of appearance) Madja Ratkje (yoink), Laura Sheeran, Niamh de Barra, Susana Peralta, Amanda Feery, and Regan Davis. Also in there are mashes of John Mary Trilogy recordings and recent jams with Kachanski and Dubreak, and remixes I've done in the last few weeks of Anodyne, T-Polar and Swarm Intelligence, and some new tunes coming up for release on Takeover Recordings and !kaboogie, and maybe SSTN. Hope ye like, as ever I am available to play gigs so get in touch if you want to book me.

boop boop
(2001)/Convolutions # 1 (!kaboogie Mash Series)/ RT (forthcoming SSTN)
Tekmantics (live 2007)/
Native Reserve (live 2008)
Squib (fortcoming SSTN)
Path Intersection (live 2010)
Bears (live 2008)/ Dubcore Maximus (!kaboogie)/Strip Swap (Molten Membrane, Mantrap 2010)
Ku-Ku (2003)

Depth Dub (2004) / Noisome remix version (Kontakte 2007)
Brain Your Melt (live remix 2010)/ Brain Your Melt (Molten Membrane)
Life and Soul (forthcoming Takeover Records) / Winter Party acappella (Niamh de Barra, Cusp EP, forthcoming SSTN)
Giant Bassmantics (Squirm EP, Touchin Bass 2006)/ Weeping Chickens (2001)/ Jam with Susana Benavente (2005)
From the moment you arrive (vocal: Amanda Feery + Regan O'Brien)/ First Date (Molten Membrane)/ Plinktronics (2002)

JMT vs. ED (John Mary Trilogy recordings / reconditioned breaks from the archive / live ambient jams…possibly forthcoming SSTN)
/ Madrugando (feat. Susana Benavente, 2006) / Frozen Backpackers (live techno version 2010) / Stand Clear (live 2010)
Doomtime! (feat Niamh de Barra/Scurvy Lass, Molten Membrane)
GRND Remix (Swarm Intelligence, forthcoming on Stasis Records)
Playtime (forthcoming !kaboogie) / Frozen Backpackers (version x)
Overflux remix (Magnetize, Mantrap 2007)/ Space jams (Dubreak, Kachanski, Ed Devane live ensemble 2010)/ Future (live 2010, forthcoming Takeover)

Space Mash (Spin (2003)/ Spacejams (live) re-edited / Apulse loop (2007))
War Stories remix ( T-Polar, Takeover Records)/ Blomg (feat Scurvy Lass, 2004) / space noises
Haze remix (Anodyne, forthcoming TBC)
2C-me (Room Full of Empty People, Takeover)

Some music I've been doing recently...

Withering Zithering - Idle-ising by Ed Devane

A little jam with my zither, a malfunctioning phrase sampler and some reverb, and a seriously malfunctioning 80's Soundcraft mixing desk I recorded last week while trying to write something for the SSTN String Series. This is me just messing around, but it sounds alright. I'll be making something a lot more layered and "composed" this week under the Withering Zithering moniker, which will probably sound very different to this.

JMT vs. ED by Ed Devane

While working on a mix for DJ Welfare's Welfare Clinic show on Radio Na Life a couple of weeks ago I searched the archives for material I could use / re-use. I have hours and hours of recordings of John Mary Trilogy jams for a couple of years ago which alone will never see the light of day due to the overall quality of the recordings (and music).

That said it's a fertile picking ground for interesting textures, rhythms and noises, and the above is an example of what I could throw together in 20 minutes with the addition of some beats taken from a minute long, abandoned attempt at drum 'n' bass made in 2003. The radio mix should be online in the next few days, link on its way.

Fyed-jam-2a 4-06-10 by FYED

Finally got around to jamming with Fyodor for our FYED noise / electro-acoustic / hearing damage project. I used a little motor-powered air fan bought that day in Maplins, a telephone/ magnetic coil pick-up for input and an effect feedback ensemble in Ableton Live, and he used a turntable, loopers and effects. Plans are afoot for gigs and releases over the summer.

While not in Wexford over the last few weeks (supposedly putting the finishing touches to my next release on Takeover Recordings - "Room Full of Empty People" EP) I had a few jams with Kachanski, Rory St. John, Ronan Dunne and Dubreak in the space we started renting recently. Sound samples coming soon.