What I've been working on this week

Safety Bubble in Invisibility Mode

This is a live recording of an improvisation I did yesterday with the feedback system I've made using Ableton as a mixer and several effects units and loop samplers. As such there is no input, with amplified line noise from the effects output being fed back through itself, which creates different types of sound depending on the effect in question and EQ settings. If you've got a subwoofer or big speakers things should start rattling all over the place at high volumes.

I've spent the last few days setting this up in such a way that I can control nearly everything without having to touch the computer. The plan is to get really good at controlling the signals, learn to play the effects as instruments, record record record and afterwards arrange and edit the results down to something interesting.

The name refers to a product that surrounds the body, keeping other people at a safe distance, which has a transparency control. As far as I know no such product exists but until one is made available I'm going to make do with my reticence and disinterest skills to achieve the same result!



Just came across this tune I made while living in Spain a few years ago. It's pretty rough, as I never got to do the gig it was supposed to be the closing track of, so gave up working on it .The set was going to be based on different stages of a failed relationship, ranging from upbeat and poppy (initial stages) to harrowing soundscapes (less happy times)...all that kinda stuff. A bit emo in retrospect! Anyway, this tune is a summary of what the different stages of the 45 minute set would have been like. I found 2 singers willing to work with me, Susana Peralta Benevente and Liza Venezuelana, who were going to accompany me live.

I'm not sure what happened to the gig, I think the guy putting it on was more ambitious than he was successful (something I suppose many people are guilty of!!)...I ended up preparing another set of pre-written material, so not really live, but nobody showed up so I didn't bother playing.

I like the sounds that make up the middle section of the tune...I hope some of you like them too.
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Some artwork I did for Fyodor's CD-r release

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

I did this a while back for the Second Square to None mini-label. We record everything played at the gigs, and some of them get put onto 20 cd copies, cased in square, white cardboard sleeves. We commission an artist to do different designs for each of the 20, and so far each artist has taken a different approach to doing this. Fyodor made the mixes on the CD using some unorthodox turntable techniques so I decided to do a bit of "subtractive synthesis" with the artwork and etched / embossed the cardboard with various blades and files.

There are 5 sets of 4, although 2 are missing (one is a mystery, the other was lost through my own stupidity using Photoshop). I had to raise the levels a lot for the patterns to be visible at all - the artwork on the actual copies is only visible when held at an angle to a light source - so they look a bit green / grey instead of their actual white. I need projects like this in order to do any drawing at all, otherwise I don't bother and make noises instead!