Little Mix of some wayward tracks and outaken tests

Here's a little mix of some tunes I've made over the past few years. Basically I have no more old music left now, so will be making a load of new ones in the coming weeks and months. The tunes on this mix are a mixture of broken beats, beats with vocals, beats with zither, and noise beats. So pretty much a lot of beats. I hope you play this really loud and experience The Fear.

Def Record

hehehe...this is a shout from below the Irish underground in response to a certain festival (and their compilation CD) on around now.


Associates Ned Deviant(UK/USA) feat TopsyTurvy Girl and DJ Dummy Klips jostle for attention with Sadam Handler, Crywank and Aul Wan in a mega mix of the shits...goodtimes music!!!

New Takeover Recordings release now available!

Takeover Recordings, the first label I had anything released on (in 2005, a track myself, thatboytim and redmonk produced called "Guilty Feat. Got No Rhythm" on the Lowslung EP), is back in digital form with Response Unit 1, a various artists EP. Techno and electro stylings are the order of the day from T-Polar, Rogue Frequency, The Parallel and Jay Riordan, though I see Juno have been kind not to use either of those words to catagorise the release. I wouldn't call my track electro or techno, so downbeat noise dub will have to do.

It's jiggy stuff that'll get a floor moving, which is exactly what "dance" music should do! Response Unit 1 is available to buy from Juno now. There'll be a Takeover/Nice & Nasty / Static Recordings showcase gig as part of DEAF on Thursday 29th October in Pygmalion, South William Street, Dublin 2 from 6 in the evening until 2.30am, free admission! Alongside everyone on this release (but myself) Rob Glennon, Toirse, thatboytim, Desy Balmer, Defekt, Sean Mac and Daire Delmar will be playing live or DJ'ing. Shapin' up to be a wicked festival!

Trapdoor Material Part Two released this week

We got our copies of the latest ManTrap Recordings 12" "Trapdoor Material Part 2" a couple of days ago from label boss Sunil Sharpe. It's a four track various artist record featuring Fran Harnett, Uninerves (Rory St. John in dubteker mode), Kachanski and myself, and with artwork by Redmonk (who has also been painting the stage we'll be using for the Second Square to None DEAF gig this week). Good buzz to be on a record with these guys, they're all good mates, and we've been looking forward to this record being out for a while.

Expect techno in pure and dubby form from Fran and Rory on the A, techy electro productions from Kachanski and guaranteed DJ-head-wrecking, tempo-changing, 2 1/2 step bass rumblings from me.

For now the record is only available in Spindizzy Records in George's Arcade, Dublin 2, but will be available from Juno etc. in about a month. Have a listen to the samples on the ManTrap myspace page, and draw your own conclusions (and buy the record).

Second Square to None - Ten Second Rule

Second Square to None - Ten Second Rule by SSTN
The Ten Second Rule project is the first fully integrated Second Square to None project. The idea is simple: get loads of music makers to submit a ten second long piece of audio, then get other music makers to use these sounds as the basis for larger pieces of music, for example a live set.

I've written about it more here, so won't go on and on about it on this blog.

I have two tracks in the collection : one credited to Ed Devane and one to Withering Zithering. Currently I'm using images generated from highly processed and subsequently transcoded Ten Second Rule audio files as the basis for visuals which I will play on Sunday 25-10-09 while Fyodor makes the noise. You can view a really rough, jerky, and as it has been pointed out to me, 80's-looking, example of this here:

I've a lot of work to do still so don't be surprised if that's a dead link in a few days when I have something better up there...

FYED mix on Second Square to None

Here's a set we did for Second Square to None in August. Processes and improvisation combined to make a half hour long blend of sounds and moods. Hope y'all like...

The artwork is a scan of a pencil drawing I did a while back, messed around with a little in PhotoShop.

Balloon Fates

Soundscapes Noisescapes by Ed Devane

Soundscapes Noisescapes  by  Ed Devane

Track on Dublin Electronic Arts Festival CD

As far as I know the DEAF launch is on this evening in the Sugar Club, and the booklet with CD will be given away on the door.

There'll be 40 acts on the 2 discs apparently, and I'm one of them. I submitted a track called "Klatter" off my forthcoming album on Man Trap Recordings, something that may or may not have been included on the inlay. I had to edit the track to conform to the less than 4 minutes. Fascinating eh.

For those of you who would like to hear more beats by me (as apposed to the "noise annoys" material I like posting up all the time), there'll be a promo mix of new tunes I've made in the last few months mixed by redmonk on, featuring tunes from my album and upcoming (in the next few weeks) releases on !kaboogie, Takeover Records, Stasis and Man Trap.

That is all! Oh yeh I'll be playing at the !k Club for Kaboogie in 2 weeks time, assuming the currently flooded basement of Thomas House has been restored to its former opulence